Jason Goodwill
References - Three References
Reference #1

“I have known Jason for over 8 years. First he was Manager at Russellville Senior Living in East Portland Oregon USA, and took the brand new five star facility from zero occupancy to almost full. He did a superior job in filling the facility with a quality resident base, and maintained minimal dollar loss and quality returns for his company during his time at Russellville. He was an excellent manager at Russellville and was well liked by residents and staff.

Jason then held the position in King City Oregon, near Portland Oregon as a major Project manager of a very large senior citizen housing community, senior clubhouse and recreational and community program.

He accomplished a great deal in his tenure in King City and helped get the programs updated and installed new technology as well as upgrading facilities and programs for the several thousand seniors in the housing area and surrounding community. He has impeccable business ability and is a true professional. His word is his bond.

In all my dealings with Jason he has always been a top flight executive with critical skills in management, human relations and in meeting goals and objectives and sales requirements. He was a great partner in numerous civic and community programs, and was instrumental in the initial growth of the East Portland Chamber of Commerce while offering a quality meeting space for the group.

Jason has earned my best recommendation and would be an asset to most any business environment.”


Frank Ryan, Major Accounts Representative, Northwest Senior & Boomer News

Reference #2

“Jason is a fantastic individual who dedicates himself to the task at hand. He is especially dedicated to the process being properly done. I am hopeful to have future business dealings and partnerships with Jason as I appreciate his mind and his activity toward any purpose before him.”


Keenan Tameling, Owner, Dominion Property Management

Reference #3

"Dear Mr. Draper,  

I have been wanting to write this letter for a long time, actually almost since we first met Jason, many many months ago.

I possess more than the average sense of people in that my field for over thirty years had been working with people analyzing their problems and trying to understand and help them to understand the underlying reasons for these problems.

From our first meeting, Jason struck me as perfect for his job. He was open and caring and would try to do whatever he could to make sure you were satisfied. Now that we have been living at Russellville for a few weeks we see him as even bigger than that.

People have only the most laudatory comments to make about him. They sing his praises constantly and so far we have heard absolutely nothing derogatory.

Whoever hired Jason to be manager certainly made the right choice. When we visited the sister community in Raleigh Hills several months ago, we watched as people lit up as he passed them in the hallways. They would say "Jason" with huge smiles on their faces and inevitably he would say Hello Mr. or Mrs. Smith, or whatever their names were. We just couldn’t believe that he remembered everyone by name. When he used their names you could feel the satisfaction these people felt that he had remembered them even though he wasn't working there any more.

We were one of the first people to move as our house sold very quickly and the new owners wanted to move in. Although we certainly could have lived without the amenities that will be coming, we both love it already and can't wait for the second floor to be finished so we can enjoy our own apartment. Thank you for making it possible to move into this spectacular facility, but mostly, thank you for Jason."


Rita and Jay Corwin, Residents of Russellville Park and later, clients of Elder Evolution 


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